Jack Vanatta Legacy

Fellow Penguins,

I wanted to let you all know the sad news we learned this past week.

Jack Vanatta, one of our own penguins, passed away Sunday May 20th, 2018. Jack had been with our group since the beginning and contributed so much. I remember the many presentations and conversations Jack led showing us everything from his Arduino dice rolls to his Raspberry Pi laptop. I also had the opportunity to see his Ducati and ride in his Lincoln. If it had a CPU or an engine, chances are that Jack would pull it apart to see how it worked and put it back together again. I am including the link to the StarTribune for all those wanting to pay their respects on June 23rd. Brian and I both send our love out to his family, especially his wife, Julia.

Here is the Link to the Obituary

As we bid farewell to Jack - So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish!