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New System Config

Page last modified 15:36, 23 Mar 2011 by goeko

    This page talks about stuff I do to a new system.


    Allow remote access to X

    See this page Adding Remote X Access

    Software to Load

    You should do an update and upgrade after installing a new Ubuntu sytem, to make sure you have the latest updates.

    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade



    Here is my xterm short cut I use.

    xterm -sb -b 0 -fg cornsilk -bg black -cr red -sl 1000 -fn 7x13 -geometry 90x50



    Stop Window Resize!

    This is such an obnoxious thing to do.  I was trying to do some shopping off of pricewatch and this stupid store always resized my window ARG.  I HATE THAT  How would you like it if I poped on to your desktop and rearranged all your stuff ?

    To stop this obnoxious behavior you just need to go into your preferances and then to the left of the "Enable JavaScript" there is an "Advanced" button.  In the advanced options disable the ability of java script to "move or resize windows".


    Here is a article that pointed me to where to turn this off.


    "15 Must-Have Linux Desktop Apps" Article

    "18 Applications You Need to Install and Experience After Installing Ubuntu" Article (a update to the following article)

    "9 Things I Did After Install Brand New Ubuntu 10.10" Article

    "VLC in Ubuntu Gets a New PPA And It's Working Great!" Article

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